Advertising Sales Director

An Advertising Sales Director develops, decides, implements, regulates and manages the advertising strategy of a company, both from the business and sales point of view. Is is the job of an advertising sales director to make future projections, forecasts and budgets for advertising related to sales. Advertising directors often work in harmony with marketing and public relations department. They develop and manage various strategies relating to the promotion and advertising of a product or service.They negotiate agreements related to the same with various sales representatives and promotional agencies. They are responsible mainly for the placement of ads and managing the development and promotion of sales materials. They focus on efficient management of advertising sales representatives to carry out the promotional work smoothly.The advertising director is responsible for overall promotion efforts and endeavors. He may oversee creative staff as well as account executives, from media directors to sales representatives. The director may employ the use of various media resources for his advertisement ventures such as internet, television, radio, hoardings and other growing number of media applications. They generally hold a bachelor’s degree in advertising, journalism, media studies, marketing, mass-communication or related areas.An Advertising Sales Director is required to be efficient in handling public relations human resource management. He should be efficient and self-motivated with good presentation skills. An ideal sales director should be creative and imaginative to generate new concepts and ideas, good written expression, written and verbal comprehension and work efficiently in a team. Advertising Director ResponsibilitiesJob Responsibilities of a Advertising Sales Director include the following:Design and develop a brand image and recognition for customers’ products or services.Develop and direct advertising campaign to create brand name and awareness among consumers.Create and implement strategies for promote sales of products and services.Work with creative teams to implement brand building and promoting strategies.Make forecasts, budgets and future projections to manage cost effectively.Conduct team meetings at regular intervals to ensure smooth advertising campaign for the client.Conduct meetings with clients to know specifications and convey the same to creative heads.Handle projects and deliver the requirements of clients within deadlines.Monitor every aspect of advertising campaign till the completion.Most advertising directors do no enter the workforce at the executive level. They have to work their way up through the ranks of the advertising world to the director level. Some even start off as advertising sales agents, assistants, market researchers or analysts and gradually work they way up to the position of an accounts executive or advertising manager before reaching the director level.