Business Advertising: New LED Lights (Make More Money Using Back-Lit Banners)

Banners are amazing anthems of awareness when it comes to advertising. However, as soon as night falls, so does the effectiveness of your banner advertising. LED lights are revolution for front and back lighting banners. For four fast action steps to lighting your banner up tonight:Fast Action Step # 1: Decide where the banner will go, and the size.We use banners in several ways. We have a retired UHAUL with banners on it that we deploy to other shopping centers during the day and into the dark. We have a banner trailer we park across the street with an arrow pointing to the shop so the traffic going the other way knows we are there.We have a converted electric wheelchair with banners that light up.Simply decide where you’re putting the banner, order the banner, and measure it when you get it, because they are not exactly what you order! You need the exact measurements. Yellow background with black letters works best. Second best is a black background with yellow letters.Fast Action Step # 2: Build a simple white PVC frame.Your frame should be a simple rectangle made from 2″ PVC pipe and four 90 degree PVC fittings. Buy the pipe, fittings and glue at Lowe’s or Home Depot. While you’re there, get some ¾” self drilling screws, and small fender washers to attach the banner to the frame. You’re going to use 2″ pipe in any situation against a wall, fence, UHAUL or other flat, solid surface, because you need the clearance “inside the box” you’ll be creating, for the lights.Fast Action Step # 3: Light it up.The fantastic thing about LED bulbs is that they draw very little current, put out a lot of light, and little heat. For example, in lighting up the wheelchair we call “Mobi,” we used just three 450 lumen output bulbs. These were on sale at Lowe’s for $10 each. We screwed them into those simple, cheap, aluminum work lights like painters use.If your banner is going to be mobile or away from wall current, you can use a 12 volt battery and a small inverter from Harbor Freight or Lowe’s or Home Depot. The inverter will invert the voltage from 12 volts to 120 volts for your lights. One large RV deep cycle battery should last for many hours running three 450 lumen bulbs.You’ll be amazed and thrilled at how cheaply you can get a honking big illuminated sign up anywhere you want, with or without electricity near it!WARNING:Don’t play with electricity if you know nothing about it. Get some help with it.What should you do next?