Home Business Marketing Secrets

If you want to make sales you need to do some home business marketing unless you are lucky enough to get all of your customers from word of mouth. Most businesses, no matter how large are not that lucky.People from kids to 80 year olds now buy things on the internet. It is becoming second nature to compare product prices, and look at various merchants online before they actually make a purchase.This is good news for business owners who are using the internet to make money. You can sell more, and make more money if you are being found online. So how do you do that.First of all, if you do not have a website or blog of your own, you need to get one. Part of your home business advertising efforts will revolve around sending traffic to your site and you can not do that effectively using any old replicated or affiliate website.When you set up your site make it easy to get around in. One mistake many business owners make is they clutter their site with useless junk that actually detracts from their main products. Solicit some outside opinions on your site as it is easy to fall in love with your work and be blinded to any problems it may have.Another important factor to keep in mind is how fast does your site load. Slow loading sites lose visitors who will not wait around. They will leave and go somewhere else like your competitors.If you are unsure about how to lay your site out look at what the top websites in your industry are doing. This should give you some ideas for your own website.One more point to keep in mind is that everyone who visits your site will leave. It is to your benefit to have an opt in form where they can join your newsletter, or access a free report.You will greatly enhance your home business marketing efforts if you capture information for future follow up. Imagine that you have thousands of visitors coming to your site everyday and only a small percentage will buy anything from you.The best thing you can do is get as many names and email addresses to follow up with and turn some of those into future customers. You can not do that if you let everyone leave to never hear from you again.So how do you get visitors to your website? You do that 2 ways.1. Offline marketing2. Online marketingIf your business has a strong offline presence already you can add to that by adding your website to any newspaper ads, yellow pages, radio, flyers, direct mail, your business cards, and so on.It is amazing how many small businesses and home businesses do not have a website. You can use this to your benefit when you get one.Online marketing can come in many different ways as well. Much of this will depend on your budget. Here are a few ideas.1. Pay per click advertising with Google, Yahoo, MSN, 7Search and other pay per click search engine programs.2. Article marketing where you either write, or hire a writer to write, articles about the niche your business is in. Include a bio box for your readers to find your website in.3. Ezine advertising is a great way to cheaply reach thousands of readers who are on someone else’s list. This is great when you do not have a list of your own to email to.There are many directions your home business marketing efforts can go. Always remember that the more eyeballs you have viewing your website the more potential business you can have.